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Yet animal shelters are filled with dogs and cats who must find homes. Or you can print it out and mail a hard copy to us if you choose. Many of the Bouviers that are rescued from Pounds and Shelters show clearly that they have received little or no basic training, neither in obedience nor in household deportment; yet these same dogs respond well to such training by the rescuer or the adopter. She has the best personality. All of our dogs reside in foster homes in the Hampton Roads, VA and NE North Carolina areas. Check out our Contact Us page to see if we need extra help in your state! Bouvier for Sale in Virginia. The answer is I really don't know. We ask that you complete and submit the on-line SCBdFC Rescue Questionnaire. There have been occasions where we felt we had a match before we received the questionnaire back from the applicant and we called them to talk further. 1 talking about this. document.write(today); If you don't intend to educate your dog, preferably during puppyhood, you would be better off with a breed that is both small and socially submissive, eg a Shetland Sheepdog. All dogs need daily exercise of greater or lesser length and vigor. No. The Bouvier coat, when damp, tends to smell rather swampy. A Bouv becomes deeply attached and devoted to his own family, but he doesn't "wear his heart on his sleeve.". It is a well kept secret, revealed to you here, that Goddess will not strike you dead if you do cut off your Bouv's beard or even keep him in a "working clip" (short coat all over). They are emotionally sensitive to their favorite people : when you are joyful, proud, angry, or grief-stricken, your Bouv will immediately perceive it and will believe himself to be the cause. Visit their web site at to find information about Bouviers available for adoption and how you can help or join the ABRL. Unemployed, Are there any other adults who live in the household? You must be dedicated and committed to dealing with situations as they appear. Whether you live in town or country, no dog can safely be left to run "free" outside your fenced property and without your direct supervision and control. Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. There is no cut-and-dried answer when it comes to rescue, sorry. // End --> Our adoption fee is $300. Some Bouviers do live in harmony with cats, especially if raised with them from puppyhood. mobile home. No. Bouviers were bred to share in the work of the farm family and to spend most of their waking hours working with the family. Yes What would, in your opinion, constitute prime reasons for giving a dog up, or getting rid of a dog? Equally essential, he must have a rock-solidly stable temperament and he must also have been "socialized" out in the world enough to know that most people are friendly and harmless, so that he can later learn to distinguish the bad guys from the good guys. Scan for our contact info. Web Design by DaLee & Company, Inc. Although the on-line application is more efficient for us to process, should you prefer to mail in or fax an application, click here for a PDF of the application. This application remains the property of American Bouvier Rescue League and I understand that this information will be included with my adoption contract. Since then it has become a classic of Bouvier literature, reprinted many times. How many hours a day will the dog be alone? Do you rent or own your home? At the same time, there are more reports of Bouviers involved in incidents of inappropriately aggression in public. Yes These are Sub-Aortic Stenosis (SAS) , which is a genetically caused heart defect that in severe form can kill the dog, and Glaucoma, which can be geneticaly caused or can arise from other ailments and which can cause blindness suddenly and painfully. Should a representative of American Bouvier Rescue League ask to see the animal(s), reasonable access will be granted. Yes Generally speaking if you want the best chance of having a dog who is safe with cats, you should avoid the Terriers because they are bred to be intense about killing mammalian prey and likewise you should avoid the Hounds because they are bred to chase mammalian prey. While not a busy rescue organization, we are in need of Coordinators for several states, including Michigan and Indiana. sexually altered prior to placement. Click here to read the American Bouvier des Flandres Club's Position Statement on Cross-Breeding of Bouviers. Although we have many families on our list who are waiting for the "right" Bouvier to adopt, it is not a first-come, first-served process. Yes Yes, this generally means paying more. 2008- Contact Marcia. Why go to a dog breeder, cat breeder or pet store to buy a dog or buy a cat when you can adopt? With good training and leadership from you, he can be profoundly valuable as defender of your home and family. The mission of the American Bouvier Rescue League, the rescue arm of the American Bouvier des Flandres Club, is to coordinate breed clubs, breeders and fanciers into a rescue network to assist in the rescue of purebred Bouvier des Flandres. On our site you will find information about Bouviers, Bouviers available for adoption, how to adopt a Bouvier, resources and links on a variety of topics, and how you can help us in our mission to save and serve this noble breed. Bouvier Rescue. (Your best insurance against dysplasia is to buy only from a litter bred from OFA certified parents and (if possible) grandparents. Humane Society of Shelby County 205-669-3916. We want to wish all our Christai, Be inspired today! Being large dogs, Bouvs eat relatively large meals. Part-time I first wrote this article nearly 10 years ago. Is there a friend or relative, qualified to care for a Bouvier and familiar with your Bouvier, who would be willing to take the dog in? In contrast to the protection-trained dog, trained to bite on direct command or in reaction to direct physical assault on his master, the "deterrent dog" dissuades the vast majority of aspiring burglars, rapists, and assailants by his presence, his appearance, and his demeanor. Have you previously owned any other dogs? The alpha dog is generally benevolent, affectionate, and non-bullying towards his subordinates; but there is never any doubt in his mind or in theirs that the alpha is the boss and makes the rules. He Has Risen! A Bouvier dumped into a Pound or Shelter has almost no chance of survival --- unless he has the great fortune to be spotted by someone dedicated to Bouvier Rescue. Bouvier Rescue Information: The Bouvier is a shaggy, intimidating looking dog. 2 talking about this. Sometimes families move, including overseas, and are unable or unwilling to take their Bouvier along. You do not have to have the personality or mannerisms of a Marine boot camp Sargent, but you do have to have the calm, quiet self-assurance and self-assertion of the successful parent ("Because I'm your mother, that's why.") If no, have you ever interacted with a Bouvier? (Need I add that what goes in one end must eventually come out the other ?) Quite a few are far more dramatically demonstrative and/or more clingingly dependent, eg the Golden Retriever. (It is of course possible to cut the beard off and to keep the feet clean-shaven year-round to reduce mess.) Those of you who live in Southern California, or who would be willing to drive there to get a dog, please contact the SCBDFC Rescue Chair, Judy Kasper at (951) 780-0419 or , preferably, by e-mail at . Get Involved. Work At Home I have known many dogs who were high ranked among other dogs, and the best and most respected were very benevolent and very well trusted.). IMPORTANT: If all information requested on the application is not provided by you, your application will NOT be considered by the ABRL. The Malamute, though not suitable for protection, is quite effective for deterrence due to his highly wolf-like appearance. Yes As an absolute minimum, you must teach him to reliably respond to commands to come , to lie down, to stay , and to walk at your side , on or off leash and regardless of temptations. Yes The sport of Agility is another very enjoyable exercise opportunity for both of you, as are some other dog sports.). Professional grooming, if you use it, is expensive. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and you'll have a friend for life. Do you know how to groom a Bouvier? There are two main sources of rescued Bouvier available for adoption in southern California. We prefer to place our rescues "locally". It could have been interpreted by some vets to by slightly larger than a dog of that size, but there were no murmurs, nothing. Check back in frequently to see whats new with the ABRL! That's not to say that we don't wish to hear from you. As to coat odors generally, it certainly helps if you bathe the dog from time to time. Jefferson County - Homewood, AL 35209. Those special m, Happy New Year Ms. Kathy Santana is our Rescue Coordinator. How It Works. We have worked with other rescues and decided it was time to put our own ideals into action and start our own rescue organization. Shop. View Details. 1. However I would discourage you from making coat your number one priority, as behavior and personality are far far more crucial to your relationship with and enjoyment of the dog.). (Update: the shelter situation is somewhat better than it was a decade ago, at least in the more educated communities where training and spay/neuter are common practice. Bouviers as a breed tend to be of a socially dominant personality . Rather, we notify you when we believe to have a Bouvier available who seems to fit nicely with your family and lifestyle. Whatever the initial cost of your Bouvier, the upkeep will not be cheap. Don't think it cannot happen to the Bouvier. Filter Dog Ads Search. Hamsters will exercise themselves on a wire wheel. I don't mean to imply that you must be a slob or slattern to live happily with a Bouv, but you do have to have the attitude that your dog's company means more to you than does neatness and you do have to be comfortable with a less than immaculate house. If you experience any problems with this form, please e-mail us. Part-time We ran appropriate tests anyway, including x-rays of the dog's heart. If all the preceding "bad news" about Bouviers hasn't turned you away from the breed, then by all means DO GET A BOUVIER! After we evaluate them, more times than not, we believe what is needed is guidance, direction, training, consistency and again, acknowledging their existence with positive feedback and love. If you feel no need of an assertive dog or if you have the slightest doubts of your ability and willingness to supply the essential socialization, training, and leadership, then please choose one of the many breeds noted for thoroughly unaggressive temperament, such as a Sheltie or a Golden Retriever. Once a Bouvier has learned a command, he remembers it for life. Bank Name is Required. Almost every Bouvier that is rescued out of a Pound or Shelter shows the effects of many months of non-grooming, resulting in massive matting and horrendous filthiness, sometimes with urine and feces cemented into the rear portions of the coat. A reputable breeder will either take the Bouvier back, or help you find a qualified home for him. I've advised a number of people to do this. You'll need to speak with her for a brief interview and go from there. I give my permission freely to all who wish to reprint and distribute it in hopes of saving innocent Bouviers from neglect and abandonment by those who should never have acquired them in the first place. If the whole idea of "being the boss" frightens or repels you, don't get a dog at all. Better quality food seems to produce less flatulence. Ms. Kathy Santana is our Rescue Coordinator. Are you willing to work with these problems? (One took over two months before we truly knew what we had on our hands.). For this job, all that is needed is a dog that is large and that appears to be well-trained and unafraid. We were, and still are, so very proud of this particular Bouv. While bloat may have a genetic predisposition, there are no predictive tests allowing selective breeding against it. Just to be on the safe side, we fostered the dog for ~6 more weeks, then had the dog fully re-examined. Please don't buy any dog for protection training unless you are absolutely committed to the extreme amount of work that will be required of you personally. A generous contribution has been made to Bouvier Rescue by, .. Since then I have spent nearly 5 years in Bouvier Rescue, personally rescuing , rehabilitating, and placing 3 or 4 per year and assisting in the placement of others. Coastal sheltie rescue inc's adoption process 1. . No, Is your spouse/partner employed? or successful grade-school teacher. This carefully constructed beauty is fleeting : a few minutes of freedom, romping through the fields or strolling in the rain, restores the natural look. Other. Of course, this was no guarantee that the dog would never get a heart disease or any other illness, but the vet felt comfortable to diagnose the dog as not having a heart disease, and we felt comfortable to deem the dog "placeable". Breeds differ in tendencies towards social dominance; and individuals within a breed differ considerably. If he has grown up respecting you and your rules, then all his physical and mental strength will work for you. Using the ENTER key submits the application; use Enter only when you are ready to submit. 4 . Find Bouvier Des Flandres dogs and puppies from Virginia breeders. No, Do you live in: No. Bank or mortgage company full name and address. The primary role of an ABRL Coordinator is to be the point person for surrenders and placements for their state(s). Thank you for your interest in adopting a Bouvier des Flandres. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. So a Bouvier can kill a cat in the very first second of contact. This can be doneon-line at our website ( you canprint a PDFof the application and mail or fax it to us. Tell us the story of how you met your furry best friend and help other pet lovers discover the joys of pet adoption! State law almost always gives the livestock owner the legal right to kill any dog chasing or "worrying" his stock, and almost all livestock owners are quick to act on this right ! From our family to yours we w, Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Learn More about this Amazing Breed Called the Bouvier Des Flandres. Please visit us on-line at When someone is breeding puppies or breeding kittens, they are creating new dogs and cats who need homes. (?) Of these the first 3 are recognized by the general public as "police dogs" and are probably are far more feared by most potential criminals than is the Bouvier. to helping unfortunate Bouviers in Southern California. The American Bouvier Rescue League (ABRL) is dedicated to finding responsible and loving homes for misplaced, neglected and unwanted Bouviers. You must make the rules and be respected but you must also be benevolent and affectionate and trusted by your dogs. Nationally the USA is still killing millions of perfectly nice dogs and cats every year because their owners discarded them and no one came forward to adopt them in time. We believe that Bouvier rescues are "rescues for a reason". Rescue Me! In addition to a daily formal training session while the dog is learning new material, I strongly recommend dozens of "60 second" sessions throughout the day, each consisting of just one or two items successfully performed.